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Image by Steven Cordes

Statewide Supporters
and Former Elected Officials

Former Elected Officials

  • Steve Bullock, Governor/Attorney General

  • Marc Racicot, Governor/Attorney General

  • Bob Brown, Secretary of State

  • Tom Facey, State Senator

  • Rob Cook, State Representative

  • Kendall Van Dyk, State Senator

MT FWP Commissioners

  • Stan Meyer, Chairman

  • Steve Doherty, Chairman

  • Shane Colton, Chairman

  • Dan Vermilion, Chairman

  • Tim Aldrich

  • Andrew McKean

  • Logan Brower

  • Jim Olson

  • Matt Tourtlotte

  • Gary Wolfe

  • Land Lindbergh 

Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame Members

  • John Gibson

  • Arnold "Smoke" Elser

  • Gayle Joslin

  • Robin Tawney Nichols

  • Hal Harper

  • Chris Marchion

  • Ron Marcoux

  • Jim Goetz

  • Gene and Linda Sentz


Steve Bullock

Former Montana Governor and Attorney General

"As a native Montanan raising our three kids here, I have a lifetime of experience benefitting from the public trust.   And as Attorney General and Governor, I have had the solemn responsibility of upholding that trust – for today and for the generations that will follow. I understand the value of the public trust in terms of the traditional Montana way of life and I understand its ever-growing value to our economy."


"The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is one of our great equalizers. The recent efforts to destroy all of this for the wealthy few is exactly the kind of efforts I took an oath of office to reject, and I ask you to do the same.  Please use the candidates’ answer to this critical question to help you make your voting decision this fall."

Gayle Joslin

2020 Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame Inductee


"Pride and appreciation for our beautiful and bountiful Montana, and its Constitution:  these are what motivate me to engage in our governance -- to ensure our constitutional rights to privacy, to hunt and fish, and the promise of an enduring clean and healthful environment for my family and future Montanans."

Brad Wilson

Founder, Friends of the Crazy Mountains


"A Montanan's right to hunt and fish and our right to a clean and healthy environment is enshrined in our Constitution. Let's keep it that way. We must safeguard against the fleecing away of our public lands and privatization of our wildlife."

Jock Conyngham

Board Chair for Montana Conservation Voters, MSA


"As a Montanan and as board chair for Montana Conservation Voters I have watched with anger while current officials abandon their trustee duties for our wildlife and other public resources.  They are hell bent on privatizing and monetizing these animals and have turned their backs on Montanan hunters and anglers.  Just as bad, they now are coming after the protections and rights protected by our state’s constitution.  It’s damned poor policy and worse representation; if you’re not a major donor, you don’t count.  MCV and I have joined this coalition to ensure this stops.  Please join us!"

Andrew McKean

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commissioner


"My Montana can have it all - abundant wildlife, frictionless access, prosperous farms and ranches, mythic wildlands, and vibrant towns. This is the Montana we've inherited, but outside forces are changing that, turning neighbors against each other and making us choose between parties and traditions. That's a losing game, and I hope you join me in fighting for the sensible middle, where the sum of our work is much bigger and more enduring than any of us alone."

Jeff Herbert

Montana Sportsmen Alliance


"We are Montana hunters, anglers and conservationists. We cherish our public trust resources and our constitutionally protected hunting and fishing heritage. A clean and healthful environment is fundamental to our Montana way of life and we pursue our recreational opportunities in a responsible and ethical manner. Being respectful of these conservation values and of other people takes precedence over partisan politics that seek to divide Montanans. Citizens need to take note of how elected officials propose to conduct themselves and how this impacts what we hold dear. We firmly believe that Montana can and should remain the Last Best Place for future generations."

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